Lady's new book - "Souvenirs in Alaska"

Connie (McFadden) Tonsgard

These screenplays are only for the motion pictures arts. All of mine on with WGA, and no one can use these screenplays. You may read the screenplays, but never use the screenplays for movies or you will be in trouble.

"A Death in Concord"
"The Raven's Treasure"
"The Nutcraker"

I have a new book, "Souvenirs in Alaska" with my poems, art and pictures. The book is 200 pages and the size is 8.5 x 11
It is only $50.00

Just a few pictures inside the book - 100 pictures, 100 poems -

~ One poem won a contest in 2008 ~

~ Note by Xlibris ~

Here are a few poems I wrote which are in the book:


"Silver Coin"


~"The Writer Place" ~

"Eternal Flame"

~ "Tapestry" - Video ~

"Columbia Queen"

~ My Love ~


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