During my first year at being homeschooled, Janice Holst hosted a demonstration for Juneau CyberLynx students, attended by parent advisor, Kathleen Vander Zwagg from Delta Junction. We demonstrated how we exercise at the barre and performed some of our dance routines.

Amanda Endicott, Kayla Brandner, myself, Aszli Skrzynski and Kayla Parker
greet Kathy Vander Zwagg, standing with our instructor, Janice Holst.

After summer break, my dancemates and I were eager to get back "on toe", which required strengthening our bodies to be able to support ourselves. Mrs. Holst set aside special class time for us to do this. Each of us had hopes of being able to be strong enough to dance on pointe in the Grumpsicle show which was scheduled for late December.