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Placed third nationally in a cute baby contest: Galoob Toys, 1991
"Baby Face of the Nineties"

I was three years old.
(Gee, mom, you could have cut my bangs!)


1997: Miss American Starlet Regional Pageant, Juneau, Alaska. Received the Mini Queen title plus Reigning Beauty, Personality Plus, Fashion Model, Best Talent, Most Photogenic, Best Smile.

Spring 1998: Miss American Starlet Regional Pageant, Juneau, Alaska.
First Runner-up for Young Miss Queen, plus Most Photogenic,
High Point Winner, Best Talent and Fashion Model.

With the trophies.

Summer 1998: Miss American Starlet National Pageant, Palm Springs, CA. I received the title of "Jeans Queen" in the western-themed event, and a $500.00 savings bond. Some photos of the various categories I entered are below.


This was a tap to "Cowboy Joe" (see a movie clip
at my World Championship site.)

A jazz dance to a James Bond theme

A very energetic ethnic dance called "Zambula"

My lyrical number to "The Lord's Prayer" was done in sign language.


This was the "sportswear" category. FYI, this category can be a little misleading.
Most pageants mean "something you would wear to a sporting event",
not "something you wear to play sports".

This was the "runway casual" event.

The swimsuit competition...

The "best western attire" competition

Special competition for "Jeans Queen", which I won with this outfit.

Last but not least, the gown competition.

Our friend, Barbe McClung, made my red and white
western outfit and the purple denim shorts costume.
Here she is in her workshop with her little dog, Jacques.

Spring 2000: Miss American Starlet in Juneau, Alaska. I was named Most Photogenic and was runner-up to Young Miss Queen.


  • March 2000: First place in my age group for a safety poster contest for the Alaska Timber Insurance Exchange (cash prize)

  • March 2001: Grand Prize (cash prize) for Alaska Timber Insurance Exchange safety poster contest

  • March 2001: Second Place (cash prize) for the Alaska Association of Conservation District's 2001 state poster contest; the poster was also named the Alaska Soil and Water Conservation District's overall winner.

  • All the photos on this page were taken by James T. Blakely, Jr. of James T. Blakely Photography in Victorville, CA, with the exception of the "Babyface" and "trophies" pictures.

    I hope you have enjoyed your time with me. come back soon, as I will be changing photos here and there as they become available.