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The Author


The Author is a retired Police Officer from Colorado and a Navy veteran of ten years, including five years and two tours in Vietnam aboard U.S.S. Waddell, a guided missile Destroyer. Served as a Police Officer from 1968 to 1989, retired and relocated to Kenai, Alaska. Worked for the Kenai School District thirteen years before retiring again to his forty acre homestead with his wife Elaine. He rode his 2002 Custom Softail bike through the deserts of California and Arizona along the remains of Route 66 as research for his book Free Rider, and the sequel, "Sunset Run, which is now available through Authorhouse, Barnes & Noble, and personal copies from the Author.

Favorite Authors

Louis LíAmour for his authentic stories of the west. Clive Cussler for his stories of adventure and beautiful automobiles from a more civilized age, Thomas Perry and Stephen Hunter for their descriptions of practical and believable defensive fighting and firearm encounters, Anne McCaffrey for her believable fantasies.



Hobbies and Activities


The author enjoys riding his 2002 Custom Softail Bike, camping in the desert, Gold prospecting, old guns and the practice of ancient weaponless combat.


FREE RIDER is available† at†, in paperback and kindle books.


SUNSET RUN, is available at in paperback and kindle ebooks.


TIMESTONES,† is available at in paperback and kindle ebooks.


TALKING ICE, is available at in paperback and kindle ebooks.


The Kittery Kid, is available at in kindle ebooks.


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