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FREE RIDER†† Antonio Sandoval





A lone motorcycle rider, camping in the desert of Arizona, finds an unconcious woman in a small arroyo near his camp. Exhausted and suffering from exposure in the earlier heat of the day, she has stumbled and fallen in the dark. He† hears the noise near his camp...finds her and carries her to his camp and then awakens in the night to find himself in a deadly fight for his life. She has been found by the men who had been pursuing her earlier that afternoon. He and the woman escape, only to be pursued along the desert highways of Arizona and into the mountains of Colorado by lawless members of a motorcycle gang. Now long since retired; he isnít prepared physically or mentally to deal with gang members who are younger, stronger and arrogantly intent on taking the woman by force. He will have to revive long unused skills and training from his past to escape and he will have to set aside the restraints of his former profession to evade, counter and survive.



FREE RIDER, Vol 1 of the Free Rider series.


First Edition 2007.

Second Edition 2012, available at in paperback and kingle e books.


Also available at, or