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Sunset Run



While riding through New Mexico and continuing his research of the old towns in the Capitan mountains, the “Free Rider,” Miguel “Mike” Maxwell, has a nearly deadly confrontation with Kathleen Stephenson, FBI, who is investigating arms traffic and a criminal element of biker gangs. Her investigation has gotten him in the middle of a dispute between outlaw bikers over stolen weapons and made him a target of one of the gangs. He can get out of her reach and avoid them by leaving the area or he can help her track down the stolen arms and the biker’s who are moving them.



Sunset Run, a novel of Action and Suspense, is a sequel to Free Rider, with Miguel “Mike” Maxwell, set in Southeastern New Mexico, Arizona, the Four Corners area and the San Juan mountain range of the Colorado Rockies.




Published by Authorhouse, available in Paperback


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