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It doesnít matter how long one lives up here Ė a person never gets tired of looking at the Alaskan Northern Lights.Of all pictures that Iíve seen of the aurora, this is one of the most unique. This photo was taken by a person I had the pleasure of meeting named Didier Lindsey. A few years ago comet Hale-Bopp was passing by, and he setup his camera on a tripod to take some pictures of it. On that particular evening there was also some aurora activity, resulting in the comet being photographed along with a curtain of northern lights in front of it.

To see more pictures taken by Didier, go to his website www.alaskawildlifeimages.com. Pictures & illustrations from other people I've met can be seen at www.alaska.net/~akshots/ and www.sunjamstudios.com.