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Eureka Trail System 

The Eureka Summit Trail System is centered at Eureka Summit, near Mile Post 130 of the Glenn Highway. From this central access point the trails stretch south to the Nelchina River providing access to the Chugach Mountains, the Nelchina Glacier and the Scott Icefield. North of the access point the trail system provides access to the Talketna Mountain Range via numerous routes such as Belanger Pass or Cameron Pass and leading to such places as the Oshetna River, the Denali Highway, Caribou Creek, the Knik and Chickaloon trail systems. The trails travel through scenery ranging from spruce forest to treeless tundra and mountain peaks. The Eureka Summit Trail System lies strategically between the coastal Chugach mountain range to the south, the Talkeetna mountain range to the north west and the Alaska mountain range to the north. The wildlife is representative of Alaska with animals from Parka squirrels and Ptarmigan to Grizzly bears.

Many of the trails were blazed by the early gold miners and still in use today by miners searching for gold in Alfred Creek, Yacko Creek, Red Fox Creek, Sonoma Creek and many more of the area's drainages.

These trails provide access for a multitude of trail users. You can explore a vast area of interior Alaska wilderness all year round by use of the Eureka Summit Trail System. Hiking, Mountain Biking, Snowmobiling, Cross Country Skiing, Mushing, and Four Wheeling are just some of the methods of traveling on the multiuse trails of the Eureka Summit Trail System.