ALASKAN Designer Booties, Dolls & ALPINE Butterflies

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Ivory Deerskin with Raspberry Amber seed beads
These booties are lined for a 6 to 24 month old child. The measurements are 5.50" length x 3" high. The stretchable lining is cushiony, creating a warm soft and lofty footwear designed to keep your cuties' feet warm during these cold winter months. The leather ties are encased with white fur. Download the order blank, fill your order and mail it along with your check to the address on the form. Allow four weeks for delivery when ordering custom made items. PRICE: $65.00
Hand carved ivory face

This doll stands at 11.50 inches and is wearing an all white fur parky trimmed with beaver and silver fox. The mittens are made with deer skin and each has blue seed bead flowers. Her face is hand carved from new walrus ivory from Nome, Alaska. To order this doll, download the Booty order blank and fill it in and mail it with your check. PRICE: $500.00

GrandMom Jane
ERINA Goddess Doll is 15" has a carved ivory face, pull over muskrat parky with fox ruff/beaver trim and calf skin mukluks with wolf trim at the top. Erina stands on a Paleocene fossil that is dated at 65 million years. The fossil is from Alaska and has alder leaf impressions. Price: $500.00
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Tween's Baby Booties are available at 3448 McKenzie Drive in Anchorage, Alaska 99517. You will also find framed butterflies from the alpine terrains of Alaska. Hours on the Internet are 24X7's.
Sunday Noon to 4:00 p.m.

Kittik has a hand carved ivory face and is wearing a muskrat parky trimmed with fox, beaver and rabbit. Each matching mukluk and mitten has one red seed bead flower. For inner clothing she is wearing a kuspuk with jeans. Kittik stands at 15" SOLD.

Item #4 MOOSE Hide with Blue Forget-Me-Nots. Size measures 4.50" long by 3.50" high. Other sizes from 3.50" to 5" long. The encasement for the strings are made of banana color chammy skin. No fur trim PRICE: $65.00 U.S. dollars. FedEx add $20.00. Send check or money order to: Theresa J. Szafran, 3448 McKenzie Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99517

Item #1 Ivory color butter buckskin, softly tanned newborn to 14 months baby booties. Size measures 5" long x 3 1/2" high with 1.5" of long wolf fur trim. PRICE: $65.00 The other skins available in this style: moose, soft butter cow leather and suede. FedEx add $20.00. Send check or money order to: Theresa J. Szafran, 3448 McKenzie Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99517

All white fur 2-3T parky is ultrasoft with furry fleece lining. This tunic style pull over parky is trimmed with beaver and has a wolf ruff. The opening at the neck has two abalone buttons for closure. Print and fill out the Booty order blank and mail it with a check. PRICE: $515.00

Bleached Deer skin booties with white fur trim and one beaded flower. The matching 3T size kuspuk is made with off-white woven fabric and a matching beaded flower on the neckline. The hood is lined with a soft white cotton fabric. This set is made for special events - weddings, baptismals or anniversaries. PRICE: $100.00

Item KIT C: $30.00 COLORS AVAILABLE FOR KITS   L-R: Creme, Black, White, Gold, Ivory, Rust and Brown (4 pieces); 3.50 " high x 6 1/2" long and with string casing, backing and 1 set of sewing instructions and pattern included. This size will fit up to a 3 year old child and can be cut to custom fit a newborn.


v.telephone: 907-245-4111

TOP OF PAGE: Ivory deer skin soft butter tanned and lined with a furry fleece. The matching ties are encased with silky soft white fur. PRICE: $65.00
SECOND BOOTY PHOTO: Banana moose leather - Item#4 is lined and has Blue Forget-Me-Nots $65.00
THIRD BOOTY PHOTO: Ivory color Butter tanned buckskin leather with White Bead Flowers & Wolf Trim- Item#1   SOLD - Available for custom order and allow up to 2-3 weeks from order start to shipping.

ALPINE and sub-ARCTIC BUTTERFLIES are also available. Each butterfly is from Alaska. In stock now are: Mustard Whites, Pale Swallowtails, Glandon Blues, Milberti's Tortoiseshell and Sulphurs. The sizes and prices of the frames varies depending on the number of bugs on display and type of frame used. Only whole specimens are framed and generally only one type of speciman is placed in a shadow box frame with cut mat boards. Although, one butterfly of each specie is available and up to four can be placed within a frame. Each one is placed on a pin that is securely set into 1/8" mat backing. Must call or Email for order. Prices vary, starting from $75.00-500.00
L-R: M.Tortoiseshell      Tyndarus Mustard White     Pale Tiger Swallowtail

Thank you for visiting my WEB-page. Please send my URL address to others who might be interested in handmade NEWBORN-30 months BABY BOOTIES and BUTTERFLIES from Alaska. Thank you Weeza Machuca for taking photos of jpeg images number 1, 2 and 8.

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