Rebecca Poulson



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I grew up in Sitka, Alaska, a town of about 9,000 people on the outer coast of the southeastern Alaskan archipelago. For about ten years I worked as a shipwright repairing wooden fishing boats, went to boatbuilding school in England for a year, and cofounded the Sitka Shipwrights Cooperative. I also worked as a deckhand on trollers and longliners.

I learned wood engraving from Dale DeArmond, and in 2000 I received an MFA in printmaking at Tyler School of Art, in Philadelphia.

I'm working on new art, and putting in a lot of time with the Sitka Maritime Heritage Society to restore a WWII boat shop as a maritime museum and working boat shop.That website is

And, getting way into the history of our little town. I have a blog at I am currently working on a book about Sheldon Jackson School and College, supported by a 2014 Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Award. Over the past few years Alice Smith and I have interviewed many former students and staff from this fascinating institution, and I am working on getting those out into the world.

I also have a husband, Eric Dow, a girl, and a boy.


hat Shelikof

Kruzof shipwreck May '10, the look I get when I make fun of the girl, in 2012, and the boy - yes it's as chilly as it looks - at Shelikof, July 2011.

Hunting October '09, family and a cousin, '10, and picture of a few of the gang in winter 2016

me painting on Causeway

Uncle Bob and Aunt Svatka's wedding '09 with cousins; me painting pictures of the chocolate lillies June '09, kids, cousins, and aunts at John Brown's Beach during herring '10, and me painting on the Causeway in May 2015.