These essences flavor any neutral spirit, such as Vodka, Everclear, or where legal, moonshine- creating very high quality liquors. Save a substantial amount of money when you create your own liquors and liqueurs. Over 150 varieties of Gert Strand Liqueur essences are available, with high-resolution printable labels in PDF format.

      Gert Strand produces the world's largest assortment of essences, and as far as we know, the world's highest quality. Each bottle of essence flavors 750ML (one 'fifth') of neutral spirit.

      Never compare an essence with a flavor. A flavor is simple and rough compared to an essence. Our essences often contain different natural (some times nature-identical) flavors. But on top of this we have natural extracts from our own production, natural oils, herb extract, oak extract, etc. Our simplest essence contains 8 different ingredients - only one is a flavor. For this reason, the herbal qualities found in many liqueurs are also found in liqueurs produced with Gert Strand's Prestige essences!

"A flavor is simply a flavor- an ingredient. Flavors are often synthetic - we use no synthetic flavor at all in our products - and never will. Essences cost more than flavors - but you get a product that is often 20 times better. Quality is not cheap - it is priceless."
      -Gert Strand

      Prestige essences usually beat leading brands, especially with fruit vodkas and fine liqueurs, in double blind tests.

Because these essence bottles are heavy items to send, we have automatically incorporated the s/h price into the product price... pay no shipping or handling! (a 5 essence order minimum applies)