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Price is $15

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Outer Coast Home

Printed in Juneau, Alaska U.S.A.

Printed on heavy, vellum surface Natural color paper

Five original wood engraving prints, a pen and ink drawing, and eight original watercolor sketches by Rebecca Poulson

Poetry and Quotes by Alaskan poets John Straley and Caroline Goodwin, a sonnet by Rainer Maria Rilke, and poetry by Lew Welch and Walt Whitman

Gardening Reminders for Southeastern Alaska

Calendar for all of 2019 on last page

Wilderness Anniversaries

Below are pictures from the 2018 calendar. The picture for November is on the order page.

Mevejie Lake

Huckleberry blossoms

Shoals Point Kruzof

Indian River pen

Salmon Berry

bluebells in a whiskey bottle

wood engraving

Girl on beach

Beaver Lake

blueberry picker