July 2019 Outer Coast calendar

The Images included on this page are a part of my 2020 calendar, and some are also available as separate notecards and prints.

2020 Outer Coast Calendar click for details and  calendar pictures

Quantity pricing: one calendar is $15, two are $14 each, three or more are $13 each, six and more are $11 each, and ten or more are $9 each.

Postage in the United States is First Class Package (under 1 lb.) or US Priority Mail. To Canada postage is International Priority Mail.

Prices for United States are:
1 item, $4.39
2 items, $5.19
3 items, $7.35
4 or more items, $7.65

Prices for Canada are:
1 item, $10.50
2 to 7 items, $17.25
8 to 11 items, $26.25
12 or more items, $39

Quantity pricing

Size of calendar, open is 11" by 17"                   

For back issues of calendars, see below.
Notecards (click for page of notecards)

They are printed on heavy weight, Natural-colored paper and come with envelopes
Color notecards, 2 designs, are about 6 1/2" by 4 1/4" $3.00 each

Set of Six color notecards (three of each design) is $15

Medium sized black and white cards, 10 designs, are 6 1/2" by 4 1/4" $2.50 each

Set of Ten medium notecards (one of each design) is $20

Large notecards are 5" x 7" Two designs $3.00 each


Set of Six large notecards 3 each of 2 designs

Small notecards 4" x 5 1/4" Two designs $2 each


Set of 10 small (botanical) notecards - 5 of each design is $16

Prices for original wood engraving prints are with each image. Most are $35.

Satisfaction guaranteed: If you send back items (in good condition) within 30 days, I'll give you a full refund.

Gift Orders: I can mail an order directly, with gift card, to recipient of your choice.  Write that it is a gift, and the text you want on the gift card,  in the "special instructions" box in the order form. If they don't give you a box for that - just call or email me with the info.

Write or call for orders outside the US and Canada.

Wholesale and quantity prices available: write or call.


Back Issues of The Outer Coast Calendar
$1 each


1995 Old Boats: Tennyson, Shakespeare, Keats

1996 Mining Ruins of Chichagof, Baranof and Yacobi: Shakespeare

1997 Sitka: text from Alaska poets

1998 sold out

1999 not issued

2000 19th century Alaska botanists: text by Caroline Goodwin, John Straley and Brendan Jones

2001 Mutability: poetry of Blake, Byron,
Wordsworth, Marvell, Herrick, Burns, Shakespeare

2002 Walks, hikes and rows. Poetry by Walt Whitman,
Caroline Goodwin, Brendan Jones and John Straley

2003 Exploring southeastern Alaska. Text by Walt Whitman and Alaska writers.

2004 Reflection - old boats, buildings, nature. No text.

2005 Flowers, boats and landscapes. No text.

2006 Experience: we gain something with age. Poetry by Alaskans Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Robert Davis and Sheila Nickerson, and Eliot and Wordsworth.

2007 Joy of Living. Poetry by Alaskans Ann Chandonnet and Rhonda Bowen, and the Bible, Wordsworth, Spenser, Whitman, and Blake.

2008 Childhood and Nature. Poetry by Alaskans Ken Waldman, Caroline Goodwin, Ann Chandonnet, and Shelley, Whitman, Wordsworth, Whittier,and Hopkins

2008 has half of the pages with full color; from 2009 on they are full color.

2009: Right Living. Poetry by Caroline Goodwin, Ralph Guthrie, and Ruskin, Wordsworth, and Whitman

2010: Art. Poetry by Alaskan writers Dan Crane, John Straley, Ann Chandonnet, and Robert Davis Hoffman, as well as quotations from Dale DeArmond, Dona Nelson, Shelley, Basho, Jane Austen, Allen Ginsberg and Emerson

2011: Working. Sold out.

2012: Desire to dissolve into nature.

2013: Ecstatic connection to nature.

2014: Home.

2015: Being present in the moment.

2016: Love in Nature.

2017: Enjoying the passage of time.

2018: Courage.

2019: Imperfection. Poetry by John Straley, William Wordsworth, Caroline Goodwin, Shakespeare, and Lew Welch.

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