Tablatures with standard notation for six-string guitar. For personal study only.

These tabs and associated MIDI files were made with TablEdit, a shareware application. I type in the tabs based on the way I play the songs, and the program generates the notation and the MIDI files. I judge the accuracy of the score by the MIDI playback. The MIDI reminds me of computer reading machines, and obviously you need to listen to the original recording to hear how it's really supposed to sound.

Slurs, slides, and vibrato are often omitted. If you have suggestions for improving the scores, I'd appreciate them. I can be reached at

As of fall 2005, I've figured out how to combine the TablEdit MIDI output with Band-in-a-Box (BIAB), so single-line solos don't sound so empty, with the added benefit that I can output some choruses for jamming along with.

Composer/Artist Album and track Song Title Tab and Standard Notation (PDF) MIDI Remarks
Lorenzo Barcelata, performed by Ry Cooder Boomer's Story, track 5 Maria Elena PDF MIDI First effort with TablEdit. DADGBE, but on the record he tunes down another whole step. You'll know Ry is a genius if you ever hear the Tommy Dorsey version.
Bix Beiderbecke, performed by Ry Cooder Jazz, Track 7 Flashes PDF MIDI I read in an interview that Ry didn't like the way this came out on the record, but I think it's nice.
Scott Joplin, performed by David Laibman & Eric Schoenberg New Ragtime Guitar, track 3 Stop Time Rag PDF MIDI I changed the bass line in the middle when I was a teenager and knew no better. You're supposed to stamp your foot in the rests, and I've simulated that with woodblocks.
Scott Joplin, performed by Ton Van Bergeyk Famous Ragtime Guitar Solos Arranged for the Guitar, track 6. (Kicking Mule KM114) Silver Swan PDF MIDI The record says "Free Tab Instruction Book" but I never had it. This is a very stately and pretty rag on the guitar.
Django Reinhardt, performed by Michael Ross Chocolat Soundtrack Minor Swing PDF MIDI I'm not sure who wrote this, although everyone seems to think it was Django. The film credits say Michael Ross performed it. This is close to the way it's played on the soundtrack CD. The fingering is the way it is to get the slides and legato articulation. I know TablEdit can notate legato, but I didn't try.
Traditional none Greensleeves PDF MIDI A quick and dirty fingerstyle Greensleeves. Swing. Dropped D.
Stevie Winwood, Muff Winwood, Spencer Davis Spencer Davis Group Featuring Stevie Winwood, track 1 (?) Gimme Gimme Some Lovin PDF MIDI Fun to play two syncopated parts (bass and horns/organ) at once. I put in one verse to learn how Tabledit handles text. Dropped D tuning.
Dave Brubeck This version is so simplified it can't be tracked back to an album. Take Five PDF MIDI Simplified version for 2 guitars. Learning about how Tabledit handles chords.
Dizzy Gillespie The Complete RCA Victor Recordings, Disc 1, track 9 Night in Tunisia PDF MIDI A "bop anthem." Tab for just the head (melody) before Diz starts to rip. Approximated for guitar. MIDI has a BIAB accompaniment and some choruses you can jam to.
Edward Kennedy Ellington, Juan Tizol

Lyrics by Irving Mills

Chocolat Soundtrack (Rachael Portman) Caravan Lead PDF Rhythm PDF MIDI It sounds to me like they just cut and pasted the choruses from before the bridge after the bridge, although I didn't try to prove it.
Stevie Ray Vaughn Boxed Set (Epic), Disc 2, track 10 Mary had a Little Lamb PDF MIDI Intro. Transposed up to E. The chords (particularly the I7#9) are closer to the recording compared to the online tabs I've seen. MIDI with BIAB accompaniment you can jam to.

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